Overdose Quick Response Team

Our Quick Response Team

Our Quick Response Team is made up of our Peer Support Specialists. After an overdose event, the Quick Response Team will visit the survivor within 24 to 48 hours to check on their health and offer treatment options.

The Quick Response Team is usually notified of an overdose by hospitals, law enforcement and other community partners.

Don’t let this crisis go unanswered or assume it won’t happen again. There are several options available and we encourage you take action and develop a next step plan. As part of that next step plan, you may choose to talk to our Quick Response Team. The team includes a Clinical Practitioner and a Peer Support Specialist who can speak with you, even in an emergency room setting, and help review recovery options, including our crisis unit.

Treatment for Substance Use Disorder is covered under most insurance plans.

FRBH programs do not offer medical detoxification as part of our treatment options.

Some people may require medical detox before they can enter a treatment program.

Additional Treatment Options for Substance Use Disorders

Four Rivers Behavioral Health operates a Crisis Stabilization Unit as part of our Fuller Center campus in Mayfield, KY.

When there is a substance abuse crisis, individuals and their families are overwhelmed and often do not know what to do next.

We offer specialized Crisis Stabilization services for Substance Use Disorder. This 5 – 7 day program gives participants time to heal and decide on a next step.

A 28 day co-ed residential program where residents begin to look at the underlying causes for their addiction and begin treatment.

A 6 month residential program of intense substance use disorder treatment including a 12-step component along with individual and group counseling.

A structured non-residential treatment program that includes group and individual therapy along with medically assisted treatment when appropriate.

For more information about Substance Use Disorder Crisis Stabilization or any of our other Substance Use Disorder treatment options, contact Four Rivers Behavioral Health at 270.442.7121 or visit the company’s website at www.4RBH.org.

Four Rivers Behavioral Health offers a variety of substance abuse programs for both Adults and adolescents. The Center for Specialized Addiction Services also provides outpatient care for those with a substance abuse problem. Services can include individual or group therapy as well as a comprehensive assessment before treatment begins to determine the services that would be most beneficial. Four Rivers Behavioral Health programs are billable to most insurance companies. We will work with your insurance provider to determine what services are covered.

If you have a substance use problem, the most important step you can take is to get help.

For more information about any of our substance Use Disorder services, contact Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s Center for Specialized Addiction Services at 270.442.8039